## About
I'm a software developer from California, I mainly do UI/UX work on apple-based platforms (often open-source!)

### Skills
- Swift
- Objective-C
- C

I mainly use **Cocoa** frameworks for my iOS projects, though sometimes I do also incorporate **SwiftUI** in some very specific cases. 

For web it's just the standard **HTML/CSS/JS**, with the Astro framework.

I often do requests for people I'm close with regarding UI/UX stuff, sometimes some of that don't hit the light of day but thats fine.

### Tools I Use
- Xcode
- Zcode **(I made this!)**
- Visual Studio Code
- Pixelmator Pro
- iTerm2

## Hobbies
- I play a lot of games (unsurprisingly)! I often play **Geometry Dash**, **Terraria**, **Minecraft**, etc. I do have my own skills in creating/designing for these type of games, I really love doing this type of thing. Just building and doing what I want is really fun for me.

- I like to do designing work mainly by request, I do it for fun as I just find a lot of joy doing so.

- I like customizing my stuff, usually to fit my own personal style :))

ᓚᘏᗢ <(Zzzz)

## More About Me
☆ Indoors person ☆ Professional Sleeper ☆ Loves the rain ☆ Sushi lover ☆ Talkative ☆
Friends I've met on the internet!